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What is Cardiac Rehabilitation?

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at Greek American Rehabilitation and Care Centre is a medically supervised treatment program designed to optimize our cardiac patient's physical, psychological and social well-being.

Our unique program implements the use and variety of exercise equipment designed to improve endurance, strength, flexibility, and overall energy level.

The exercise program is tailored to meet the patients' needs and tolerance. Our specialized nursing and therapy staff oversee the plan of care under the direction of a Board Certified Cardiologist who is able to oversee patients during their stay on an ongoing basis.

We also provide education to our patients on a regular basis. These topics are related to risk factor modification, diet and nutrition, cardiovascular disease and how to implement a healthy lifestyle change. Patient progress and goals are assessed through care planning with our specially trained staff to ensure our patients are meeting their goals.

Our Approach to Cardiac Care:

Our interdisciplinary team under the direction of a Board-Certified Cardiologist, critical care physician and our highly trained nursing staff assesses the patients’ risk factors for heart and blood vessel disease. An individualized treatment plan is then developed for each patient to control, improve and lessen the physical and emotional effects of heart disease.

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