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The Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program at Greek American Rehabilitation and Care Centre provides a comprehensive rehabilitation pulmonary services program designed to help individuals manage and minimize the debilitating effects of pulmonary disease.

Our interdisciplinary team under the direction of a board certified pulmonologist, and critical care physician consists of respiratory, physical, occupational therapists and registered dieticians with our highly trained nursing staff who will design an individualized treatment plan for the patient.

The team approach to your care plan includes: activities of daily living (ADL), strength and endurance training, chest mobilization, respiratory muscle testing, and energy conservation education. Residents in the program are shown and taught specialized techniques to better manage stress and anxiety, educated on how nutrition and diet relate to their condition, and gain a better understanding of the disease process.

The speech therapists analyze the swallowing process to help reduce the risk of aspiration and to help correct the patients voice production in individuals with limited lung capacity.



Residents gain strength and endurance through our personally tailored therapy and care plan. Physical and occupational therapy improve mobility and activities of daily living (ADL). Respiratory therapy provides diagnostic testing and therapeutic intervention to promote optimal lung function. We provide in-house preliminary Sleep Apnea screening, bedside spirometry and patient education with regards to using Bi-Pap and C-Pap Machines. Upon discharge home, our respiratory therapist conducts a home visit to ensure continued safety after the patient's stay.

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